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What You Need To Know About Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking combines the power of global positioning satellites with the near indestructibility of GPS. Individual vehicles and entire fleets can be closely monitored through vehicle tracking with GPS.

Passive and Active Trackers

Rocky Mountain Tracking provides individuals and companies with passive or active vehicle tracking systems. Active GPS trackers are ideal for fleet monitoring. These systems provide instant information and real-time details. Passive vehicle tracking systems can be activated at any time from the comfort of your home. These vehicle tracking systems are the preferred choice of individuals.

Your Connection to the Street

Our vehicle tracking systems provide you with exact latitude and longitude location details. Date and time information are also clearly displayed every time you track a vehicle. GPS vehicle tracking connects you to the street through:

  • Motion Detection: find out what’s really happening
  • Data Storage: store information for later review
  • Live Tracking: our active tracking device track vehicles in real-time
  • Visible Street Maps: use our NavIQ software to find a vehicle
  • Starter Interruption: prevent any vehicle from starting

By logging into Rocky Mountain Tracking’s exclusive web service, you can instantly view the location of any vehicle. You can also store data and history for later review. When you need to keep your eye on the street, vehicle tracking is the best solution.

Geo-fencing Options

Placing a virtual fence around any area is possible with RMT vehicle tracking devices. If the vehicle that you are tracking moves outside of this area, you will be instantly alerted through SMS or email. Geo-fences help companies save money by ensuring that drivers adhere to the correct routes. Geo-fences also ensure that individuals stay within a certain area.

Vehicle Tracking Statistics

Vehicle tracking systems have become an important part of the transportation world. Vehicle tracking devices have also prevented individuals from driving recklessly. The following numbers reflect the importance of vehicle tracking:

  • 26.4 Seconds: frequency of car theft within the United States.
  • 1/3: number of teenage deaths attributed to car accidents.
  • $400 Million: amount of money lost annually due to equipment theft.
  • 2: number of cargo trucks hijacked daily throughout the United States.

Vehicle tracking can prevent cargo theft, save teen lives, track stolen equipment, and stop car theft. Using Rocky Mountain Tracking’s GPS vehicle tracking systems in conjunction with our NavIQ software will halt, stop, and prevent vehicle incidents of any kind.

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Informer Lite

Advanced tracking features makes the Informer a great fit for almost any tracking purpose.

Note: Large quantity discounts are available, Call (970) 207-1023 for info.

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Starter Interrupt Relay

Optional wiring harness and relay for starter interrupt feature.

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1 Year Extended Warranty:

OPTIONAL: In addition to the Manufacturers 1 Year Warranty you get with your tracking device, you can also buy a 1 Year Extended Warranty to cover your device for 2 years.


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