Tracking Key versus Trackstick

What’s the difference between the Tracking Key and the Trackstick? If you’re looking at these two devices and wondering which one to choose, you aren’t alone! Both of these GPS devices may look alike, but they are actually entirely unique – here’s some more information to help you make a decision.

Tracking Key


The Tracking Key is a lightweight device that can be stuck to the bottom of any vehicle. The Tracking Key is magnetic, so it will stick to most vehicles. Once the key has been placed, the Tracking Key can keep tabs on an object within 2.5 meters of accuracy. Since this device is also waterproof, the Tracking Key is ideal to place on vehicles that may go through water or are stored outside.

Additionally, the Tracking Key is only activated when the device detects motion, so the battery life on the Tracking Key lasts a very long time. You can clearly track the movement of any vehicle that has a Tracking Key attached on-screen whenever that vehicle moves. When the battery does begin to wear down, the Tracking Key will transmit a signal letting you know that the battery needs to be changed.

The Trackstick


The Trackstick looks a lot like the Tracking Key, and it also comes with a magnetic back. The Trickstick cannot be placed underneath a vehicle, so keep this in mind if you want to place a GPS tracker underneath a car or truck. Instead, a Trackstick has to be placed on another surface in order to work, but this device is small enough to work without detection.

The biggest drawback to the Trackstick is that it does not come with a long battery life, and once the battery runs out any information that was recorded will be lost. For this reason, we believe that the Tracking Key is superior.

Which One to Choose

We recommend the Tracking Key over the Trackstick because it simply lasts longer, and it can be placed underneath a vehicle for easy concealment purposes. But is the Tracking Key what you need? The best way to find out what kind of GPS tracker will work for your needs is to call Rocky Mountain Tracking today for more information. We will help you figure out the best GPS tracking option! You can also order a device directly from our website if you know what you’re looking for.


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