Personal Tracking

We Have Tools to Help You Protect Your Family and Hold Your Children Accountable


Protect Your Family

Personal GPS Tracking Device

A personal tracking system can allow you to monitor your vehicles and locate your family in an emergency. It can also notify you if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. Personal tracking can help you keep your teen driver accountable and it can give your family peace of mind.

Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones

A gps tracking system can allow you to keep an eye on your aging parents. It can help you locate them if they get lost or in the case of an emergency. A GPS locator can give you an extra layer of protection and safety for your loved ones.

Protect Your Teen Driver

Auto Accidents Are the #1 Cause of Death Among Teens Age 16-20
— The National Highway Safety Administration

Accountability significantly reduces the odds of your teen being involved in an accident. Using our system to track your teen can encourage that accountability.

Featured Vehicle Tracking Systems


Passive GPS Tracker
Personal Tracking
*No Monthly Fees*

Real-Time Tracking
Fleet Tracking
*With contract*

On-Demand Tracker
Vehicle Recovery
*No Monthly Fees* $149.99

Common Uses for Personal Tracking

GPS Personal Tracking

Teen Tracking – RMT’s Teen Safety Program can help you keep your teens safe.
Personal Tracking – Let’s you monitor your vehicle or locate loved ones.

Not all GPS Systems or the companies that provide them are the same!

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a GPS System…

Reliable Hardware:
GPS location and data retrieval is a high tech process, and although there are 100’s of units on the market, many are not very reliable. Rocky Mountain Tracking rejects 98.2% of tracking units we test because they don’t hold up to our punishing 15 point quality check.

User Friendly Software
When you are tracking something through GPS you get raw data from several satellites. That Data is useless or confusing if it is not presented through the right software. Most GPS software tends to be complicated and hard to use.  This prevents people from getting the information they want.  We have reviewed all the major GPS software and only use the most functional user-friendly software on the market.

Customer Support
A lot of GPS solution providers that are simply not structured to give helpful easy to access tech support after you purchase a unit.  We offer customer and tech support that is second to none.

Competitive Price
Price is always an important issue when purchasing a tracking device.   There are two components to price: the actual cost of the unit and the quality of that unit.  If a unit is made with cheap subpar components it will not be reliable, but it may be cheap.  All of our units are tested extensively not only for quality, but also for value.  We only sell units that are in the sweet spot, meaning they are extremely reliable and low priced compared to other comparable units. As a result our prices are extremely competitive.