naviq_brochurelogoSave equipment and labor costs by monitoring your locations in real time using GPS and low-cost cellular or global satellite networks. Route the closest vehicle to a job. Receive notification of arrival or departure from designated zones (geofences).

At a glance…

  • Full-featured GPS tracking software
  • Web-based and Desktop versions
  • Supports cellular and satellite tracking

Our web client raises the bar for web-based vehicle tracking software and systems. With support for over 56 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, NavIQ is truly a global solution.

Animated pans, zooms, 3D perspective, and fly-over routing features combine to provide a rich user experience that is unparalleled in the tracking industry.


Fleet operators can mix and match tracking devices to suit their needs. Take advantage of low cost cellular technology for devices operating within cellular coverage or install satellite-based devices for vehicles operating in remote locations. Our tracking software simplifies managing mixed fleets.

NavIQ Features

Trip playback – Display activity both, on the map, and in text format for any specified timeframe.

Event overlay – Optionally display event markers along the historical route. Markers identify location of events such as “Overspeed”.

Custom reporting – Using our “Hybrid-Web” technology, new reports can be created and made available without requiring a software update. (See below for our new daily reporting feature! Reports sent to your in-box every day automatically!)

Robust I/O support – Users can define the labels for all inputs and outputs for each device, active and inactive states, and output activation/ deactivation verbs. It also supports analog scaling, and minimum/maximum threshold detection. Email alerts can be sent for any I/O event.

Over-the-air configuration – Users with “manager permissions” may reconfigure device settings (such as reporting interval) over the air. Our solution simplifies device configuration by grouping related functions into sections that can be hidden to prevent overwhelming an end-user.

Geofencing – Supports advanced user-defined geofencing – draw a circle or polygon directly on the map and the coordinates are sent over-the-air to the device. We make it a breeze to set up geofences on multiple devices through the Geofence Cloning feature!

User-defined Grouping and Status codes – Allows each end-user to define groups and status codes. Entire fleets can be logically grouped and/or sorted based on a number of user-specified criteria.

Ideal for 3rd party developers and IT staff – NavIQ Developer Services allow integrators and in-house developers to obtain real-time data directly from our servers in a wide range of formats (XML/SOAP, .Net Web Services, etc.)

Dynamic Reports

Full color reports / graphs – Fleet managers may utilize NavIQ’s reports to quickly identify improper use of company property through the comprehensive Risk Management Report. This report highlights weekend and after-hours usage, shows which drivers are routinely exceeding set speed limits, and helps identify excessive idling.

Other reports include: Current Fleet Status, Daily/Weekly activity, Trips and Stops by Vehicle or by Group, and Device Usage.

Reports by Email (NEW!) – Daily reports and graphs can be sent directly to your email. You will always have access to your online account to see the most current tracking, but our automated system will drop daily reports into any email account of your choice for your convenience. Additional fees may apply.

Interactive Mapping

Fast Maps – Our mapping engine sends map data to the web-client to be rendered on the end-user’s PC. This results in ultra-fast maps. How fast? So fast that an entire trip can be animated and displayed on the screen turn for turn. Activate the 3D perspective and it will seem like you’re flying along the route traveled.

Custom Map Data – .Map data in most standard GIS formats (e.g. ESRI, MapInfo, etc.) may be readily imported into our system.

Global Coverage – Major Roads for all countries are provided in NavIQ’s World Map. If detailed city streets are desired, the map set may be changed on-the-fly to any of the more detailed country/continental maps provided.

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