Personal Tracker

The SilverCloud Tag is a compact, pocket-sized, live GPS tracker that
can be utilized for various personal tracking applications.

SilverCloud TAG Features

  • Real Time Tracking And Location Of Assets
  • Unlimited Location History
  • User Friendly Online GPS Tracking Software
  • GPS Location Accuracy of 2.5m
  • Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Lasts up to 6 Days at 2 Hours Per Day.
  • Simulated 3D & 2D Historical Playback
  • Tracking Software is Accessible from iPhone & iPad App
  • Receive Alerts via SMS & Email.
  • View Detailed Activity Reports
  • Accessories available
  • Live Tracking Intervals Every 60 Seconds
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.7 x 1.5 x 0.93″

The SilverCloud includes unlimited data and
comes with 1 minute updates for only $29.95 per month.

For more information, call us at 888-242-0500.

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Personal Tracker, SilverCloud TAG with Internal Battery and USB Charger:

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Optional Accessories:


Waterproof Box w/Magnet for SilverCloud TAG:

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GPS Personal Tracking

The World’s Smallest Personal Tracker Now Available

Featuring a compact, portable design, the SilverCloud TAG Real-Time GPS Tracker can be placed in a purse, briefcase, backpack, or glove compartment for tracking of an asset, vehicle, or person. You can access the device’s Online software from most web browsers, and the software uses Google Maps for an easily navigable interface. Furthermore, using the SilverCloud software, you can generate printable activity reports that show the speed, stops, addresses, time, and number of miles driven for a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.

The tracker allows you to simply and securely share your real-time location online so that taxis, airport shuttles, or school buses can locate you. Businesses and municipalities can also use this feature to share the location of their service vehicles for easy drop-offs and pick-ups. The SilverCloud software can also be accessed using an iOS or Android device with the SilverCloud app, enabling you to view, locate, and monitor the tracker from anywhere there is an internet connection. Additionally, the system will send out automatic SMS and email status alerts when a geofence has been crossed. The company’s server stores an unlimited amount of your tracker’s history and allows you to play back any of the history at any time to look over the tracker’s records at a later date.