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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Are you curious about GPS vehicle tracking? The world of GPS tracking has a lot to offer when it comes to vehicle tracking systems. Ranging from complete fleet tracking setups to individual automobile tracking, Rocky Mountain Tracking has all of the equipment and technology you need to complete any GPS vehicle tracking task.

Some Information About GPS Vehicle Tracking

There’s nothing like cold hard statistics when it comes to deciding to use GPS tracking technology over any other kind of vehicle tracking tech. Here are some statistics that will put things into perspective for you when it comes to the best way to keep track of your vehicles.

  • Two cargo trucks are hijacked in the United States alone daily
  • A vehicle is stolen every 26 seconds in the U.S.
  • Millions of dollars are lost annually due to heavy machinery and equipment theft
  • One-third of all teenage deaths are attributed to car accidents

What does GPS vehicle tracking have to do with any of this? With the technology that you will find at Rocky Mountain Tracking, you can prevent vehicle theft; track stolen vehicles; keep tabs on how your teens are driving; and prevent your company from losing millions of dollars in equipment theft every year. Did you know that GPS tracking can help with all of those things? There’s more too!

Keeping Tight Track

It’s one thing to keep track of where your teens are going or where your employees are taking your company vehicles. It’s an even better thing when an alert is sent if someone driving your vehicle leaves a certain pre-determined area. Mapping out a specific virtual area is called geo-fencing, and creating this kind of virtual fence lets you keep your vehicles in line.

Picture this scenario: you’ve asked an employee to deliver an item to a customer. You create a geo-fence, and you tell your employee what route to take. After your employee leaves, you receive a text message or email that tells you that your vehicle has veered off course. You quickly get in touch with your employee, and find out that the vehicle has been hijacked. Using GPS tracking technology, you follow the vehicle and alert authorities to its whereabouts – cargo and money saved!

With geo-fencing, you can make the scenario above a reality. Create a mapped area, keep your vehicle within that area, and get notifications when your vehicle leaves the area – it’s that simple.

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Finding the Right System

We know that it can be hard to figure out what kinds of vehicle tracking systems to purchase. That’s why our staff has been trained to match all of our customers with the right GPS option. Just call us and let us know what you want to track, and we’ll let you know what options you have. We’ll also set you up with our patented software technology, so that you can track your vehicles in real-time or in passive time – the choice is yours. No matter what system you choose, you can make sure that your cars, trucks, and equipment are where you want them to be at all times. Why would you take the risk of not knowing? GPS makes the most sense when it comes to owning any vehicles, and that means peace of mind.

Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll match you with the right systems for your vehicle. When it comes to owning expensive vehicles or equipment, GPS vehicle tracking is the best insurance plan available – let us show you how simple this technology is. Call us today for a quote.