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GPS Tracking

When you think of GPS tracking, what do you usually think of? Most people think about car GPS tracking, but GPS can be used for much more. In fact, we bet that you use GPS on a daily basis, and you don’t even know it! GPS is used in everything from running apps to keeping tabs on vehicles. But if vehicle GPS tracking is what you need a GPS device for, we have you covered there too.

Our Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems

Vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes. Additionally, vehicles can be owned by individuals or by companies. Whether you want to track a car that you own that’s used by a teen or you want to keep track of where your employees drive when they use company cars, GPS can go with your car or truck every step of the way.


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Informer Lite Choices:



Informer Lite

Advanced tracking features makes the Informer a great fit for almost any tracking purpose.

Note: Large quantity discounts are available, Call (907) 207-1023 for info.

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Starter Interrupt Relay

Optional wiring harness and relay for starter interrupt feature.

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1 Year Extended Warranty:

OPTIONAL: In addition to the Manufacturers 1 Year Warranty you get with your tracking device, you can also buy a 1 Year Extended Warranty to cover your device for 2 years.


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At Rocky Mountain Tracking, our vehicle GPS tracking systems can do the following:

  • Map any route
  • Keep accurate record of gas consumption and idling
  • Provide you with the location of any vehicle at any time
  • Send you alerts when one of your vehicles is out of a designated area
  • Provide excessive speed alerts
  • Let you know if a vehicle has been stolen or driven off course

All of our tracking systems come with our own patented technology. This technology can give you peace of mind when it comes to any vehicle that you own – car, truck, or heavy equipment. Not sure what you need? Let us help you find the right tracking system for your fleet too.

Making the Match

Our GPS tracking systems come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. The system that works for you is within your reach, you just have to give us a call, so that we can match your needs to the right device. Car GPS tracking technology has come a long way, and now you can track any vehicle.

Trust the experts at Rocky Mountain Tracking to provide you with the best and latest GPS tracking equipment. At RMT, tracking your vehicles is what we do best – let us keep tabs on your vehicles, so that you can sit back and relax knowing everything is well under control. Call us today for pricing, details, or with any questions that you have.