GPS Installation the No-Hassle Way

Purchasing an InstallCard from Rocky Mountain Tracking is an all-around wise investment. The small cards can be purchased for a minimal fee, though they�re packed with maximum installation ease. Not only does an InstallCard grant you access to a professional installer located near you, but activating your InstallCard is simple too.

You can activate your InstallCard from the comfort of your home or office computer. Simply follow the instructions on the back of the card to schedule an installer near you.

Proper Installation Guaranteed

Upon visiting the installer of your choice, all you have to do is hand over your RMT InstallCard. This card is the only thing that you need to get the installation process rolling.

The RMT InstallCard covers the complete installation of your GPS tracking system including:

  • Transceiver Mounting
  • Transmitting Antenna Installation
  • GPS Antenna Set Up
  • Power Cable Arrangement
  • Ignition Wiring

All work done by a certified InstallCard installer is under warranty. This means that all of your parts and devices are fully warranted throughout the installation process. As soon as your device has been installed, you�ll be ready to go.

State Locations

Driving more than three hours to have a GPS device installed is a problem. Unlike other installation companies, our InstallCard offers more than 1700 different professional installation service centers in all 50 states. Whether you live in Wyoming or Vermont, InstallCard has your installation covered.

GPS Tracking Installers in the United States

NOTE: The following map lists the states where we have installers. Click the link for your state for more details.

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Select a state below to find a local installer in your area:

Have quesitons about installers? Call us toll-free: 907-207-1023.

The InstallCard may look like an ordinary card, but this fully-loaded card packs a powerful punch. Leave GPS installation in the hands of InstallCard experts, and find out how simple it really is to have your RMT tracking device installed. Call one of our GPS tracking professionals today at: (907) 207-1023. Or, simply fill out our handy information form, and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.Note: Certain vehicles may require an additional fee due to complex wiring. Additional input signals are not part of the RMT InstallCard package. Call an RMT expert today for further details.

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Installing Your 2-Wire GPS Device

Installing Your New GPS Tracking Device

Installing a GPS tracking device is easy if you are somewhat handy. When beginning installation, it�s important to note that additional items (such as a starter kill) will require extra steps. You�ll find some of this information listed towards the end of this document.



  1. Look behind the space where you insert your ignition key. Locate the constant power wires. Use a voltmeter or testing device to determine which wire provides constant power. The voltage will be between 11 and 13 volts regardless if the key is in the on or off position.
  2. You�ll need to remove some of the color coating that covers the constant power wires. To do this, grab a sharp knife, and cut back the colored surface to reveal half an inch of copper wire.
  3. Using a small screwdriver, create a hole in the middle of the constant power wire lead. This will create a �T-like� shape.
  4. Fuse the split wires together with a soldering tool. You can purchase or rent these tools from most large hardware stores. Make sure to wear protective eye gear when soldering!
  5. Place electrical tape over the exposed copper wires.
  6. Using a cable tie (plastic tie manufactured exclusively for electrical use), tie the ends of the electrical tape to the constant power wire.
  7. Locate the vehicle�s chassis ground, and secure the black wire.
  8. Securely fasten your GPS tracker to the underside of the dash or in any other covert location. Note that your tracker must not have metal above it.
  9. Make sure that your tracker is facing the sky � the label must be facing upwards!
  10. That�s it! Your GPS tracker is now ready to go!