GPS Fleet Tracking

If you own a fleet of trucks, fleet tracking devices will become the best investment that you ever make. Not only can use use fleet tracking devices to find out where your drivers are at all times, you can create alternate routes, let customers know when deliveries will arrive, and keep a close eye on every truck you own and driver you employ. You can even determine how much time a driver has spent idling or which routes are the least expensive when it comes to gas consumption.

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Informer Lite

Advanced tracking features makes the Informer a great fit for almost any tracking purpose.

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External antennas available by special order – please call
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 $149.99 (w/ month-to-month contract @ 22.95/month)
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Activation – $25.00
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Starter Interrupt Relay (optional)

Optional wiring harness and relay for starter interrupt feature.

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Second-Year Extended Warranty (optional)

OPTIONAL: In addition to the Manufacturers 1 Year Warranty you get with your tracking device, you can also buy a 1 Year Extended Warranty to cover your device for 2 years.


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A Quick Return on Investment

It’s really tough to put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your drivers are at all times. In addition to providing clients with accurate delivery dates and details, fleet tracking also ensure that high value shipments are safe. When transporting goods that are often stolen, like electronics and other pricey items, knowing when a driver goes off course or seeing a long idle time can be vital. If you see a truck stop in the middle of a route, you’ll know right away that something is wrong.

While GPS fleet tracking is important if you are the owner of a trucking company, they can also give your drivers another layer of security. Prior to this, drivers did not have the security that comes with knowing someone will be alerted should something happen to their truck. With GPS fleet tracking, you are notified immediately if a truck is not where it’s supposed to be, and you can provide your clients with these details so that they are aware of the location of their goods at all times. There’s no better or faster return on investment in the transportation business.
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Quick Fleet Tracking Solutions

If you have been thinking about the difference ways to track your business, let us show you what good fleet tracking solutions look like. We work with many large fleet companies and we can outfit any size truck or any size convoy with the right devices. Call Rocky Mountain Tracking today and see how we can help keep track of your business.

The fastest and most secure way to track shipments, provide clients with route details, and give drivers peace of mind is to install GPS tracking devices in all of your trucks. We know that it’s hard to figure out what kind of fleet tracking solutions you need, so call us today for a consultation – we’ll look at what you own, how you want to track it, and your budget. We will look at all those factors and will find the best and most cost effective GPS tracking solution for you. Call us today!