GPS Cell Phone Tracking

Sometimes it’s necessary to track the whereabouts of your employees. When these times arise, GPS cell phone tracking can really help. Take a look below at some of the reasons why cell phone tracking is a good idea, and make sure to give us a call if you want to incorporate this kind of cell phone tracking into your company-owned phones.

When GPS Cell Phone Tracking Helps

There are times when tracking employee cell phones makes good sense including the following:

  • Your employees drive a dangerous route
  • You need to know when your employees check in and out of work
  • You’re trying to understand how an employee spends his or her day
  • You want to make sure that employees go where they are supposed to go

In more instances than one, GPS cell phone tracking can save lives too. Just think about the times that your employees were in a dangerous situation – having someone keep track of a phone means added safety, and that’s something that you can feel good about.

Featured Vehicle Tracking Systems


Passive GPS Tracker
Personal Tracking
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Real-Time Tracking
Fleet Tracking
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On-Demand Tracker
Vehicle Recovery
*No Monthly Fees* $149.00

GPS Cell Phone Tracking Options

If you own the phones that you provide to employees, you can track the whereabouts of anyone using your company phones. It’s a good idea to let employees know that phones are being tracked, though, so you are putting everything out on the table. Most of the time, employees will not have a problem with this policy, and you can give your workers that option to purchase a personal phone or carry a GPS phone with them.

Activating a GPS cell phone tracking system is easy to do too. All you have to do is make sure that GPS technology is available and ready, and starting to track anyone that carries your phone is as simple as turning on that signal. Once activated, our GPS systems will start to keep track of your phones wherever they are. Best of all, we offer numerous options when it comes to GPS cell phone track, so make sure to ask us what those options are.

Do you need to keep track of company phones? Cell phone tracking is your best option! Give us a call today, let us know how many phones you need to track, and we will make sure that your company phones are followed wherever they go – you can also count on Rocky Mountain Tracking to provide you with the best service and prices. Call today!

Informer Lite Choices:



Informer Lite

Advanced tracking features makes the Informer a great fit for almost any tracking purpose.

Note: Large quantity discounts are available, Call (888) 242-0500 for info.

Device & Plan Options

Order External Antennas by call
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 $199 (w/ month-to-month contract @ 29.95/month)
 $49 (with 2-year contract @ $22.95/month)
Activation – $35.00
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Starter Interrupt Relay

Optional wiring harness and relay for starter interrupt feature.

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RMT InstallCard 42-1113

1700 Installers Nationwide
Professional installation services by a certified InstallNet member.

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1 Year Extended Warranty:

OPTIONAL: In addition to the Manufacturers 1 Year Warranty you get with your tracking device, you can also buy a 1 Year Extended Warranty to cover your device for 2 years.


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