General FAQs

Is Your Website Secure?

Yes. shopping cart uses a 128-bit Secured Shopping environment for your protection. We use an Certified Shopping Cart System. When you see the lock symbol  at the bottom right-hand side of your browser, you can rest assured that you are shopping in a secure environment.

Do Your Units Work Throughout The United States?

Yes. Our units work in every state.

What is The Fastest Way to Contact Technical Support?

Rocky Mountain Tracking technical support can be contacted by phone from 8 – 5 MST (Mountain Standard Time), Monday – Friday at: 970-232-3397. Our technical team is also available via email at

Smart Tracker FAQs


How do I activate my device?

Use these simple steps to activate your device:

  1. Visit the following website:
  2. At the top click on “MANAGE DEVICES.” This will bring up a list of all of your devices.
  3. Click on the arrow pointing downwards (to the left of the device you wish to activate). This will present you with a drop down box below the device where you can select an activation time.
  4. Use the shopping cart system to check out. You will have to enter some personal information (including credit card) in order to make a purchase.
  5. Remember: wait 15-20 minutes after completing your purchase to attempt to locate the device.
I purchased a 1-Year activation with 100 locates. Are These All the Locates that I Can Use for the Whole Year?

No: the locates that come with an activation are free with the activation purchase. You can always purchase more location pools for your device!

What Actions Use Up Locates?

Any messages sent to or from your device use a locate. This includes:

  • Manually locating the device.
  • Interval locations on the device.
  • Configuring the device.
  • Setting up a Geofence.
  • Creating a Geofence entry/exit.
  • Any I/O events.

Note: Notifications generated from events do NOT use any locates from your pool.

How Do I Purchase More Locates?

Visit the following website: This site is the sales portal for all of your devices. At the top of the site page, click on MANAGE DEVICES. This will bring up a list of all of your devices. Click on the arrow pointing downwards located to the left of a device that is currently active. This will give you a drop-down box with different location pools. Use the shopping cart system to check out. Once the transaction goes through, your new locates will be added to your account.

How Do I Change My Password?
  1. Locate the toolbar at the top of your login screen.
  2. Find the tab labeled Tools.
  3. Select User Preferences.
  4. Enter Your New Password.
Why Are My Report Times Incorrect?

Your times might not be set correctly. Make sure your computer clock (on the bottom right corner of your screen) has the correct time. Also, check your user preferences to make sure your time zone is correct.

How Do I Change My Time Zone?
  1. Select the tab Tools from the top of your screen.
  2. Select User Preferences.
  3. Adjust your time zone as necessary.
How Do I Disable/Activate A Geofence?
  1. Select “Geo-fences” located towards the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Select the Geofence you wish to activate or disable.
  3. Check or uncheck the corresponding box.
How Do I Set Up Text Message Notifications?
  1. Select the “Tools” tab at the top of your screen.
  2. Select “User Preferences.”
  3. Locate your current email address.
  4. Insert your cell phone number after your email address.Example:,
    • Verizon:
    • AT&T:
    • Nextel:
    • Sprint:
    • T-Mobile:

    (If your carrier is not listed above, please contact your phone company and ask them for the @ address for your network)

How Do I Configure An Event As A Notification?
  1. Find the “Tools” tab at the top of your screen.
  2. Select “User Preferences.”
  3. Find “Default Events.”
  4. Select the event you have in mind.
  5. Select “Send Email Notification.”
  6. Save all changes, and exist the Default Events section.

You will now receive email notifications for the event that you have selected.

What Does “Settings out of Sync” Mean? How Do I Fix This?

The “Settings Out of Sync” message displays when the intervals set on the software are not the same as the intervals on the device.

To fix this, you will need to find the selected vehicle and configure the intervals. Once all intervals have been chanced, you can select the “Update All” button. Save chances, wait for the window to refresh, and look for the “OK” message (top right-hand side of the display window).

I Got A Timed Out Message. Now What?

A timed out message appears when the device does not receive all software messages. Try polling the device and then resaving the settings.

My Device Hasn't Reported For Awhile. Why?

Here Are Some Possible Explanations:

  • The device is out of the cellular network coverage area, and is not able to report its positions into the server. The device will start reporting again once it is inside of a service area. This is common in mountainous or rural areas with little cellular network coverage. The RMT Informer will store up to 150 updates while not in coverage area.
  • The messages sent from the device are hung up on the cellular network. This is usually due to high network traffic. Within a short amount of time, the missed messages should be reported.
  • The device may not be getting power. Make sure that the battery is charged for PT-200 devices, and check connections from vehicle to device for Informer devices.
  • The device has stalled and needs to be reset. In order to have your device reset, please call RMT technical support during regular business hours.
My Device is Showing Invalid Coordinates or No Fix. What Happened?

There are a few possible explanations why the device may have trouble reporting.

  • The device does not have a GPS satellite fix. This usually occurs when the vehicle is in a location where it does not have a clear view of the sky, such as a garage or parking structure. The device will be unable to report valid locations until it has GPS connectivity.
  • The device antenna may be in a location in the vehicle where it cannot get good GPS satellite coverage, please check the antenna placement.
  • The device’s GPS receiver has stalled and needs to be reset. In order to have your device reset, please contact RMT Tech Support during regular business hours.
What is Polling?

Polling is the process of receiving the vehicles current location. This is separate from the regular report intervals.

How Do I Configure My Device?

Go to Selected vehicle and then Configure. Once there, change the intervals according to your preferences. Normal settings are usually between 5 minutes and 1 hour for report intervals, and less often for status or ignition-off intervals. Place your settings according to your preferences.

What's the Difference Between the Map Refresh Timer and the Report Interval?

The Map Refresh Timer (countdown timer in upper right of map) indicates the map refresh time. The Map Refresh Time will only update is new information is available. Changes to the Map Refresh Timer can be made by activating the User Preferences” section. The report interval determines how often the vehicle will report its location. This can be changed through the Configuration section of the settings menu.

What is Rapid Tracking? How to I Turn Rapid Tracking On and Off?

Rapid Tracking is a RMT feature that can be selected for use with a single device. When Rapid Tracking is turned one, the map will refresh every 30 seconds. To turn Rapid Tracking on and off, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the vehicle that you want to track.
  2. Select the “Rapid Tracking” feature.
  3. Repeat these steps to turn off the Rapid Tracking feature.

You will know that the Rapid Tracking feature has been activated by looking at the small box located next to the name of the unit you wish to track. This box will turn red while Rapid Tracking is in progress.

Note: If the device’s reporting interval is not configured to update every 30 seconds, Rapid Tracking will not change anything. You must configure the device for 30 second update intervals prior to using Rapid Tracking.

What is the Events Area? How Are Events Different from History?

Events are various occurrences that impact a device. Such events include geo-fence exits and entries, ignition starts and stops, thefts, and poll attempts. Events do not show all current device activity. Contrastingly, the locations of all updates can be seen while viewing “History.”

What is a History? How is it different from Events?

History is a display of all vehicle updates and movements in a given timeframe, which is specified by the user. To find the history section, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a vehicle.
  2. Enter desired time-frame by using the calendar located to the right of the time-frame space.
  3. Select “Create Report.”

You can then navigate the activity report displayed at the bottom of the map. You can also view vehicle movements by looking at the map.

What are Inputs and Outputs?

Inputs and Outputs are specific options that can be installed. These installations make it possible to interact with vehicle systems using a web interface. Input and Output installation options include door locks, starter disable, seatbelt monitor, various switches, and other electrical selections.

What are Geo-fences?

Geo-fences are virtual boundaries placed on a map. When geo-fence parameters have been set, a device will send reports to users when these boundaries have been entered or exited. A geo-fence ensures that a vehicle will remain within certain areas. It is possible to set up multiple geo-fences.

Note: the geo-fence feature does not work with PT-200 units.

What is Usage? What Constitutes an Update?

The monthly usage is how many updates you are allotted each month. Plans range from 250 to unlimited updates depending on your specific needs.

The following constitutes an update for the RMT Informer:

  • Ignition on/off
  • Regular reports
  • Poll attempts
  • Changes to Input/output settings
  • Changes to device settings
  • Geo-fence entry/exit
  • Possible theft
  • Excessive speed

Updates for the PT-200 include:

  • Reported locations
  • Poll attempts and status updates

Emails that are sent to users will use one update. You can view your current usage by clicking on the blue “Usage” bar located in the “Properties” section.

What are the User Preferences?

User preferences are settings that can be changed by the user. To access user preferences, select “Tools” then “User Preferences.” Once the User Preferences dialog box has been opened, you can change the map refresh intervals, adjust a time zone, change your password, or enter a new email address.

The “Default” and “Custom Events” options allow users to specify personalized event system commands. When specified events occur, users can ask the system to perform certain tasks. These tasks include sound notification, email notification, and software zoom.

How Do I log Off?

Select “Options,” and then select “Logoff.”

Please see our NavIQ Video Tutorial for more help with NavIQ

GPS 3100, FAQs

Does the Unit Come With Everything I Need? Is Software Included?

Yes. The price of the GPS 3100 includes the actual tracking device, software with mapping for the entire U.S., and the cable needed to connect the GPS unit to your computer.

If the Batteries Die Before I Can Retrieve the Unit, Will the Data Be Lost?

No. Any data stored inside of the unit will not be lost if the batteries run out.

How Long Will This Unit Last Before the Batteries Die?

We recommend using Energizer Lithium batteries, since these batteries last much longer than other batteries. With average driving (2 hours a day), the batteries should last more than 2 weeks.

How Often Does the 3100 Unit Record Data?

The 3100 unit records one data point every second. If you are using AA batteries to power the unit, you can leave the default setting intact. Decreasing the recording rate does not impact the battery life.

Do I Have to Fill Up the Memory Regularly?

No. The unit stores 300 hours of driving. Most often than not, batteries will be replaced and data will be downloaded before the memory is full.

What Type of Cable Is Included With the Device?

The unit comes with a serial download cable. If you only have a USB port, contact us. We will help you find a place to purchase a USB to Serial converter cable in your area.

Does the Software Run on an Apple Computer?

No. The software is written for a Windows PC. It will run on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows ME and Windows XP.

Can the 3100 Unit Be Permanently Connected to a Vehicle’s Power?

Yes. We have power cables available. Contact our customer service department to purchase a power cable. Currently, the price of a power cable is $8.95. We also have cigarette lighter power cables available for $12.95.

What Is the Cost to Ship a Power Cable Overnight?

An additional $25 will be added to the total cost of the cable for overnight shipping.

What is the Warranty on the 3100?

The 3100 unit comes with a full 1-year warranty.

Do I Need to Subscribe to a Monthly Service In Order to Use the Unit?

No. There are no monthly fees or activation fees.

Note: This is not a real-time tracking system. Real-time tracking systems require monthly fees and contracts. In order to find out what a driver has been doing using this unit, you must connect the device to your computer. Once connected, you will be able to gain a complete history including speeds, locations, stopping points, and stop durations.

Can I Use This Device for Stolen Vehicle Recovery?

No. You must purchase a real-time tracking system in order to track a stolen vehicle.

Does This Unite Contain a Motion Sensor?

Yes. The unit is activated as soon as the vehicle is in motion. When the vehicle has stopped for more than 4 minutes, the unit will automatically go into sleep mode to conserve battery life.