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Key Benefits

  • On-Demand
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Geofence Notifications
  • Easy 2-wire Install
  • 24/7 Tracking Access
  • Weatherproof – IP66 rating – can withstand Powerful water jets from any direction
  • Up to 3 week battery life
  • Long Battery Life Configurations Available
  • Size: 4.25″(L) x 3.1″(W) x 1.5″(H)
  • Ideal for Trailers, Equipment & Assets


The Smart Tracker Plus is most commonly used to track trailers, heavy equipment and other assets.

The Smart Tracker Plus was designed to operate with exposure to extreme outdoor conditions. Its waterproof casing and tolerance to operate in extreme temperatures make it an ideal tracking solution for trailer tracking, equipment tracking and tracking of tractors, generators, and other equipment. Choose the Smart Tracker Plus for trailer tracking, equipment tracking & asset tracking.

Software Features & Reporting


1.) Activation

When you’re ready to locate your vehicle, simply use our online customer support portal to purchase the activation option that fits your desired usage.

Each activation option includes a locates package to use as you need them.


2.) Track Your Vehicle

Once activated, tracking your vehicle(s) is just a click away.

By polling or configuring an ‘auto report’ interval, your vehicle’s location will be displayed in rich detail, with ourNavIQ online tracking software.


3.) Need More Locates?

Add locates to your account or activate your device at any time with our online customer support portal.

As with all our services, you’ll have the added benefit of our professional service and support

GPS and Data Specifications

  • Easy and simple two-wire install.
  • Internal back-up battery.
  • Size: 4.25″(L) x 3.1″(W) x 1.5″(H)
  • Battery Capacity: 5.2 Ah lithium ion rechargeable battery pack
  • Long Battery Life
  • Voltage monitoring and low battery notification
  • Operating Voltage: 9-32 VDC Operating
  • Weight: 0.6 lb
  • Operating Temperature: -30o to +75o C
  • Weatherproof – IP66 rating – can withstand Powerful water jets from any direction
  • Shock & Vibration: U.S. Military Standards 202G and 810F, SAEJ1455, SAEJ1113, FCC-Part 15B, Industry Canada
  • Inputs: 3
  • Outputs: 3
  • Internal Cellular and GPS Antennas


Only Pay When You Need to Track

The Smart Tracker Plus asset tracking system allows for the activation and/or location of the device as needed. The GPS unit can be stored as inactive until you need to track your property. Activation and location services are available for purchase on our website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pay as You Go Plans Locates Price
24-hr Activation (GSM only) 5 $15.00
7-day Activation (GSM only) 10 $20.00
Annual Plans Locates Price
1-year Activation 100 $49.95
2-year Activation 250 $89.95
3-year Activation 500 $119.95
Add Additional Locates Locates Price
Bronze Pkg 5 $8.95
Silver Pkg 25 $10.95
Gold Pkg 100 $17.95
Platinum Pkg 500 $64.95
Pooled locates will allow locates to be shared among multiple devices.

Service Options

When you need to track your device and property, the process is easy. Go online to our website and choose either activation plan or locates package that meets your requirements. Pricing applies to the U.S. ONLY. Additional service fees will be applied for use in Canada. Please ask a sales consultant for details.

Rest Easy

Most stolen vehicles are used in the commission of other un-lawful acts. When offenders get rid of the vehicle, there is no proof of the theft. Oftentimes with heavy machinery, tractors and trailers, there are similar issues of missing proof. Hence, the NICB suggests a GPS anti theft device plus software to assist in the stolen vehicle or machinery recovery process. The Smart Tracker Plus trailer tracker, combined with our web-based software, is the best way to locate your vehicle(s), heavy machinery, skids steers, backhoes, landscaper loaders, excavators, generators, compressors, wheel loaders, dozers lifts, trenchers, or tractor trailer rig immediately.


The RMT Smart Tracker Plus is a simple 2-wire install. With its new waterproof casing, the unit can be mounted anywhere and survive in extreme conditions. We have more than 1700 professional installers throughout the United States. Please view our GPS Tracking Installerpage for details about our installation services.

Terms of Service

There are NO activation fees for the RMT Smart Tracker Plus Service. Rocky Mountain Tracking is your direct provider for support and service. Activation plans and additional locates can be obtained online at any time.

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Smart Tracker Plus – HSPA
Smart Tracker Plus has advanced features designed for theft prevention and recovery. Operates on 4G (LTE) network. Note that this device can be activated, deactivated or reactivated on demand. One day and seven day activation options available through our customer support portal.

Note: Large quantity discounts are available, Call (907) 207-1023 for info.


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Smart Tracker
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3 yrs (w/ 500 locates)   $119.95

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Second Year Extended Warranty: (Optional)

In addition to the Manufacturers 1 Year Warranty you get with your tracking device, you can also buy a 1 Year Extended Warranty to cover your device for 2 years.



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