The Good and the Bad

Quality used semi-trucks are in hight demand. The picture above is a 2004 Peterbilt Model 379. Currently there are more emissions devices on new trucks which are more complicated and more difficult to maintain. Because of that good semi-trucks with a few years on them are even more desirable for both honest individuals and thieves.

Our Solution

With Rocky Mountain Tracking Informers, you can get the location and routes of your trucks as well has having a hidden tracker in case of theft or attempted theft. RMT Informers have geofence capabilities to alert you of unauthorized activity. Having the location, routes, times, and speeds of your vehicle(s) helps you in case of a customer dispute. For example, say a customer complains your driver was an hour late. You know he wasn’t and with GPS tracking you can prove they were on-time or early. We even have some long-haul RMT customers who give their customers temporary access to their website login to show their customer the progress they are making with their delivery and a real-time heads up of when they’ll arrive. Lastly, in case of a theft you’ll know where the vehicle went and the current locaiton.

Key Benifits

RMT trackers are versatile, top quality and backed by the best software (mobile and desktop) and the best Support in the industry.

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