rmt-slash-tats-300x278The trend might have been started by Angelina Jolie, but ‘Guns and Roses’ guitarist Slash is carrying on the trend. What trend? The one where celebrities tattoo GPS coordinates on their bodies. Jolie has the coordinates of each of the birthplaces of all of her children tattooed on her arm, and Slash now has some coordinates of his own tattooed on his neck (ouch!).

Slash’s Coordinate Significance

According to various celebrity publications, Slash now has coordinates that lead to Chicago, Illinois, and Woodland Hills, California tattooed on his neck. Why? His new girlfriend (Slash has recently been divorced for the second time from Pamela Ferrar) Meegan Hodges was born in Illinois, and has recently lived in Woodland Hills. For Slash, it made perfect sense to show Hodges how serious he is about their relationship by having coordinates that meant something to her tattooed on his body — and Meegan has the same tattoo.

A few months ago, Meegan showed off a wrist tattoo with the same coordinates while snapping a selfie that she sent out on Twitter. Slash has just caught up by getting a matching tattoo, and now the two match and are in love. Not a bad way to show someone you care right before Valentine’s Day!

Angelina the Trend Setter

There’s a good chance that Slash and Meegan aren’t the only celebrity couple that will be getting GPS coordinate tattoos this year. Ever since Angelina started the trend with her coordinate tattoo, a lot of celebrities and non-celebs alike have been eyeing the idea. These tattoos are original, mean something, and look interesting too. While the previous way to commemorate a loved one used to be simply writing that person’s name in ink, a GPS tattoo is definitely more interesting to look at. And, hey, if you don’t stay with that person, you can just make up a story to go along with the numbers!

Before You Get One

The idea of a GPS tattoo is a fun one, but it’s a good idea to make sure of a few things before you jump on this band wagon. First, make sure that the coordinates you have are good — it would be silly to pick the wrong numbers. Second, pick coordinates that really mean something to you. Instead of choosing a popular city or other location, pick something that speaks to your personality and life directly. After that, you’re good to go — you’ll just have to find a good tattoo artist!

What We Sell at RMT

We aren’t in the business of tattoos, and we don’t sell coordinates, but we can help you out when it comes to tracking your car or a fleet of vehicles. We sell fleet and vehicle tracking solutions to all kinds of clients, and we’d love to help you find the right tracking devices for your car or truck or group of vehicles. Who knows, once you use one of our asset tracking options, you may even be able to find some unique coordinates that you’ll want to ink on your skin.

GPS tracking has come a long way from satellites, hasn’t it? In a time of fast moving technology, GPS now rules the tattoo world too. What do you think of the new GPS tattoo trend? Would you get coordinates on your body? Come and join in the conversation by liking our page on Facebook! In the meantime, call RMT for GPS trackers for your vehicle tracking purposes.

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