BMW has been putting SIM cards into all the models the company has created since this past April. These SIM cards are what BMW’s ConnectedDrive is based on. New BMW owners can a variety of connected options right away. It wasn’t too long ago that we were talking about the future of connected cars and now BMW’s connected options are here. What’s inside of the new BMW’s and why would you want one? Here’s a closer look. BMW ConnectedDrive Is here.

Inside the New BMW Models

The ConnectedDrive options that BMW has recently created are optional on almost all of the new BMW car models. There’s a lot packed into the ConnectedDrive options. Some of the ConnectedDrive features that stand out include a News option (your car will either display or read the news to you based on the sources that you select); a Routes option (where you can program your own routes or choose selected routes that BMW has put together); you can add your Outlook contacts to the car’s automated voice system; and with the Outlook option you can send a text or record a message and send it to anyone in your contact list.

ConnectedDrive was developed to make driving safer for everyone. You can ask your car to send a text for you – just dictate the text that you want to send. Though there has been some speculation lately that voice command options can cause driver distractions it needs further research.

While all of the ConnectedDrive options are impressive, the one that really stands out for this writer is the option to import all of your Outlook contacts from the BMW that you own to a BMW rental car option – that’s right, you can instantly import your contacts to rental cars, so that you have all of your personalized options at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need them.

Mobile Connectivity

Using the iOS or Android app available with newer BMW connected models, you can control your car from your phone. You can do things like unlock your doors, turn your lights on, and roll down the windows. Another really cool feature is that you can use Google Search to find a specific address, and from there you can send that address to your car’s navigation system.

Info Plus connects all drivers to a personal concierge system that makes it simple to ask your concierge for restaurant recommendations and to find you a hotel if you’re still driving around. There’s a lot more to the BMW ConnectedDrive system, but you really have to experience everything to understand how it all works. If there’s one key takeaway, it’s that the new ConnectedDrive will make your BMW a personalized computer that you can take anywhere and access from almost any device.

Protecting Your Investment

Since a new BMW will set you back quite a bit of coin, it’s a good idea to install a vehicle tracking system. With a vehicle tracking system, you can find your BMW if it’s stolen – and even though some BMW models already have trackers, these can be easily disabled if the system is hacked into, but a standalone vehicle tracking system is harder to detect. Call RMT today for more information about a car tracking system for your new car, and let us know what you think about BMW’s newest developments!

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