We all know how annoying it is when mail doesn’t arrive when expected. Sending items through the postal service is notoriously slow. In fact, in the modern age of faxing and email, the postal service is often referred to as “snail mail” due to its relatively slow pace. Despite technology booming, the USPS hasn’t made much improvement in getting ground service mail to its destination any faster. Faster shipping services are available as a means to combat the snail mail. We can pay extra to have our mail shipped via jet, so it gets to us within 24 hours. There are usually a few other options to speed up delivery, but the postal service is doing what it can to help speed up regular mail delivery.


587298_25322788Currently, we can track many, if not most, items we order or ship. Most of our packages are already tracked with GPS or some similar technology, so we can watch as the item travels to its destination and anticipate its arrival more precisely. The USPS is now using tracking technology on its employees. Employer-employee tracking is nothing new. We’ve reported on it many times at RMTracking, but not to this scale. The USPS will be able to ensure that each carrier is making all his or her deliveries and on time.


The United States Postal Service will soon begin tracking employees with GPS tracking devices. Specifically, the mail carriers will be given smartphones, which can be tracked remotely. Currently, the USPS is using portable scanners to scan certain mailboxes throughout the day. This is how the mail carriers are currently being monitored, but there are big gaps of time in between scans. With the GPS-equipped cell phones, supervisors can monitor the carriers entire route. This way, they can detect if an employee is taking too much time or going off his or her route. The monitoring could also possibly help managers develop more efficient routes.

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