The gun debate is in full swing here in the US, with everyone weighing in on their solution to gun violence. It’s something that needs to be approached delicately, as there are people on both sides of the issue that are passionate towards their cause. On one hand, you want to assure that we uphold the Second Amendment while at the same time trying to curb the violent acts that seem to be occurring increasingly these days. Although there are those who would love to see a ban on guns altogether in this country, I think we can safely say that won’t be happening.

Many citizens and politicians are coming up with ideas such as more extensive background checks, banning high capacity magazines, and even arming our teachers. There is one idea, submitted in the form of a letter to the editor of The Washington Examiner by Joseph Ryles, that has yet to be discussed: making each and every gun come equipped with a GPS tracking device and RFID chip.


Ryles, a computer engineer, feels that this will assure guns don’t end up in places they shouldn’t, like schools, while at the same time preserving the Second Amendment and not changing any existing regulations on magazine capacity or type of gun one can purchase. He says it’s simple to not only assure that newly manufactured firearms are all fitted with GPS tracking devices and RFID chips, but also retrofit existing firearms by way of “mandatory recall of all registered gun owners and distributors.”


Ryles envisions special Wi-Fi networks going into shopping malls, schools, libraries, and other public spaces that work to detect the RFID signal. Once it detects the presence of a firearm, an alert goes out automatically to local police, providing them with the GPS coordinates of the offending firearm. As Ryles points out, “Police already use this method to confirm that a GPS-equipped vehicle was at a crime scene.”


Ryles is very much aware that the NRA and many other gun control opponents will “be vehemently opposed to such legislation, citing “invasion of privacy” because their weapons will no longer be concealed.” But is this truly such a bad idea?


On the other hand, what about all of the unregistered and illegally obtained guns? It is just not possible to assure that all guns have been fitted with the tracking devices. This author isn’t sure any gun control action whatsoever will make any difference. A crazy person will always find a way to carry out their crazy ideas, no matter what the law dictates. Where do you stand? Do you think Ryles’ idea is a good one, or is it a waste of time to even consider it? Let us know by commenting.

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