It seems like almost daily you hear another news report of a missing child – only a few days later to hear that the story didn’t end well. If you’re a parent, there’s little else that can strike such terror in your heart.


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If you don’t remember, the Amber Alert system was named for Amber Hagerman, who was abducted and murdered at just nine years old in Arlington, Texas. The alert system is now used all over the world, and although the success rates of the Amber Alert system may be controversial, the new Amber Alert GPS V3 system may be well worth taking a good look at. First let’s take a look at the pros:


  • The device is equipped with its own SOS button – your child’s safety is only a push of a button away for them – they can notify you immediately if they are in danger or need help. This is also a good idea if your child has a medical condition that can be life-threatening. The SOS alert can actually be sent to up to 10 persons whom you trust – making sure they reach someone.


  • Breadcrumbing – “breadcrumbing” allows your child’s location to be tracked automatically with alerts to notify you of their “speed” (for your teen driver) and their “zone,” notifying you if they have wandered outside of their predefined location. Finally the GPS is equipped with a “predator alert” to notify you when your child has come within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s home.


  • You choose the format of alerts – you can watch your child in real time or even listen and at any time from your iPhone, android app, or from the “parent friendly” tracking portal software from your PC.


  • Check the history of the device itself – you can even track the history of the device to see where it’s been to keep close tabs on teens and toddlers both.

There are other features of the GPS tracking device that you can read about on the Amber Alert GPS tracking website, but for sake of space will take a look at some of the cons of the device:


  • Smaller than a candy bar, but yet still kind of big – considering the device is not something you would want to attract attention to by potential predators, the device is colorful and can really stand out, making it easy to locate and remove.


  • Possible radiation exposure – although the amount of radiation may be small, comparable to your cell phone, something like this hanging around your child’s neck on a lanyard, or in their pocket, would expose their body to an unspecified amount of SAR all day, every day.

A tad pricey – although the device itself costs only $199, that doesn’t seem too high of a price to pay for your child’s safety. Where the cost adds up is in the monthly fee of $14.95 a month for the regular plan, or you can upgrade to the $18.99 a month package which features some of the benefits mentioned above.

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