AAA is a wonderful service, as many know across the country. Members enjoy all kinds of discounts and benefits, including tow truck service when they’re stranded. Just about every driver knows the dread of getting a flat tire, having an overheated engine, or simply locking the keys in the car. We’re all so glad to have AAA membership in those moments; and then comes the wait. For one reason or another, tow trucks can seem to take forever to get to your vehicle. With AAA’s free new FindMe service, tow trucks in the area can access your location using your smartphone’s built-in GPS tracking technology.

It can be difficult enough to give helpful directions to a tow truck driver in a city with cross streets and addresses. For people with a flat tire in the middle of a dark highway, or on a swampy side road, it can be nearly impossible for a tow truck driver to find you in any reasonable amount of time. Thankfully, AAA is moving forward to get you the help you need when you need it. They are using GPS technology and smartphone apps to help tow trucks find drivers who need help. Currently, the free app works on any GPS-enabled smartphone with a Sprint or AT&T contract.

AAA has always been great at giving driver’s peace of mind while driving, without breaking the bank. The new FindMe app is no different. As if getting a flat or some other vehicle malfunction wasn’t stressful enough, giving difficult directions to a tow truck driver and waiting can make the experience almost unbearable. The FindMe app allows technology to take a lot of that burden off your shoulders. The only real draw back is that it’s only available to members with Sprint or AT&T smartphones. Hopefully AAA is working on expanding the app’s compatibility to make the service available to the rest of their smartphone-owning members.

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