istock_000011787394xsmall-300x256Like something from a James Bond movie, a new trackable flash drive may very well self-destruct in “3, 2, 1.” Well, not exactly. But ExactTrak, a UK-based mobile security firm, claims to have developed the first flash drive that can be tracked and managed by GPS and GSM (global system for mobile communication) receivers for increased security in both the government and corporate worlds.

istock_000011787394xsmall-300x256The Case for a Trackable Flash Drive
WikiLeaks is a prime example of a company that thrives on leaked information. Who can forget Bradley Manning, the United States Army soldier who provided thousands and thousands of military documents to WikiLeaks? ExactTrak hopes to curb such violations of security by allowing administrators to protect their informational assets, be they national security documents or corporate trade secrets. Legislation even dictates that agencies and businesses properly safeguard personal data or face certain penalties. HIPAA is a prime example. Healthcare providers are required to keep personal information private or face lawsuits for lost, stolen, or inappropriately used data. A GPS monitoring system can go a long way in helping companies protect their clients by keeping track of their information, but ExactTrak takes such monitoring to a whole new level.

The Features of a Trackable Flash Drive
The trackable flash drive from ExactTrak offers more than just GPS location information. It can actually be disabled remotely. Once a flash drive is installed into a computer system, it is automatically linked to a cloud-based management console, where an administrator can determine whether a user has authorization to access information at a particular location; the administrator can even establish exclusion zones. The flash drive can be turned off remotely while still preserving data, and data can even be deleted remotely when deemed necessary. An internal battery that is recharged when the flash drive is plugged in and a storage capacity of up to 32GB, not to mention that it can be used anywhere in the world, make the GPS-enabled flash drive an invaluable security option.

With so much at stake in a high-tech world, ExactTrak offers secure information transfer for government agencies and corporations around the world. Imbedded GPS tracking provides location based data for monitoring the whereabouts of information loaded onto a flash drive while the other features provide remote oversight. This trackable flash drive is appropriately called the Security Guardian.

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