Small child tries to put on his father's shoes. Baby boy with big shoes in hand isolated on white.

As any parent will tell you, keeping track of all of the little necessities, like pacifiers, sippy cups, blankets, and clothes, can be downright impossible. GPS tracking technology has helped us virtually track all kinds of valuables, from cell phones, to vehicles, and even family members. Munchkin Inc. has now added sippy cups to the ever-expanding uses for GPS tracking technology. The company hopes to prevent headaches and give parents peace of mind by providing trackable sippy cups for babies and toddlers.

Small child tries to put on his father's shoes. Baby boy with big shoes in hand isolated on white.“Munchkin, Inc. understands that wasting precious time looking for missing sippy cups, or worse, accidentally locating a forgotten cup by its smell, can be frustrating,” said Steven Dunn, chairman and CEO of Munchkin, Inc. “To solve this problem, we have enhanced our Click Lock cups’ already advanced leak-proof technology with GPS functionality. Parents will save money and time now that they can track the location of their children’s lost sippy cup online.”

The company offers standard sippy cups for $3.99, so assuming the family will lose the cup at least 7 times, the GPS sippy cup pays for itself at $29. The cup is very well designed with attractive, bright colors, and looks more like a toy than a sippy cup. GPS tracking isn’t the only technology featured on the sippy cup, “which provides tactile, visual and audio cues to confirm the lid is properly locked in place,” giving parents “complete assurance that the cup is ready for mess-free use.”

Assuming the child stays with his or her sippy cup, the GPS technology also allows parents to keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts. While the child is at daycare, or for other reasons away from his or her parents, they can easily check in on their child from anywhere with internet access.

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