If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, you can turn to a private investigator. Of course, this will cost you lots of money. Another option is to tail your spouse using GPS tracking technology. Many GPS devices can be integrated into a person’s automobile or attached to an article of clothing. A third option is to download the Spouse Spy app. This app (available through the Apple App Store — no word on Android yet), is available for a small fee, can be installed on anyone’s phone, and is nearly impossible to detect.

Spouse Spy will allow you to read text messages, track phone numbers, and find out where a person is at any hour of the day. It’s even possible to view photos and listen to phone conversations with this app. If you’re really on the suspicious side, Spouse Spy might be just the thing you’re looking for. All you need are a few moments alone with someone’s phone to “tap it” with this app.

No doubt Spouse Spy will become a quick seller, though one has to wonder whether or not this app can be used legally. At the time of this writing, Spouse Spy was still a viable app available without any trouble through the App Store. It’s also possible to use the app to spy on teens or someone who has Alzheimer’s (no doubt the reasoning the company behind Spouse Spy will provide to any reporter seeking legality answers).

Political rumor has it that a group of enraged senators are currently looking into these GPS “stalking” apps. This group of senators is asking the Federal Trade Commission to shut down any company that creates an app of this sort. Sure, Spouse Spy (and apps like it) can be used to track a spouse, but these apps could also be used by stalkers to track innocent people — a dangerous notion. Presently, the FTC has not ruled on the legality of these apps, but we’ll keep you posted.

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