Wright Express has announced a new service that not only addresses the issue of gas card misuse, but also aids fleets in being a bit more environmentally conscious with the help of GPS tracking technology.

GPS Fleet Tracking

The company has offered a GPS tracking service called WEXSMART for some time now, but have recently added some features to this service that are quite innovative.

Fuel Guard, a new feature developed for WEXSMART, will allow companies to spot employees who misuse company gas cards. In order to understand this feature, it helps to picture the following scenario.

A company employee phones his wife and states: “Hey, honey, bring our car to the gas station located next to Wal-Mart, so that we can use the company card to purchase gas.” While seemingly far-fetched, scenarios such as this one do happen frequently.

In order to combat this type of misuse, an employer simply has to enter basic route information into a personal computer or smartphone. It is then possible to see which gas stations employees use regularly. By comparing gas station locations with the route that a driver is supposed to take, any discrepancies are noticed immediately.

Of course, that’s just one example of the benefits of the WEXSMART GPS service. It also helps locate stolen vehicles, confirms that employees are working the hours they are scheduled, and can even signal mechanical problems.

For example, if a truck’s MPG’s are decreasing, and the driver is traveling the same route, it may be time to visit a repair shop. Making necessary repairs immediately will help save companies money in the long run.

To find out more about Fuel Guard, visit the Wright Express website. Fuel Guard is available to consumers at the time of this writing.

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