Nanotechnology notwithstanding, many electronic devices are getting so small that it is almost unbelievable.  Consider the cell phone, the watch, and even GPS Tracking devices.

Smaller and Smaller Devices

The need for a small footprint in a tracking device is driven by several factors.

First the smaller size allows one to better conceal a device.  This is important in tracking things and even people.

Some GPS tracking devices are sewn into clothing for children which provides parents a better method for keeping track on their location.

Some of these are hidden in product that is being shipped for the purpose of being able to track it and make sure that it reaches its intended destination.  If it becomes stolen, it serves as a beacon for law enforcement officials and individuals for recovery purposes.

Next, the smaller the unit, the less battery consumption takes place which allows it to last longer than larger counterparts.  Consider that cell phone batteries have shrunk to almost nothing, yet provide days of activity between charges.  In small dedicated units the power consumption is not nearly as great a drain on the battery as are cell phones and smart phones.

Some of the products that are being manufactured to meet the demands of smaller applications include the following.

GPS Watches. The ultimate trick for fooling a predator that they have taken or injured someone and think they will never be caught.  But, beyond this is the data capabilities that help athletes and runners track and monitor their workouts and races.

GPS Tracking Devices for Children. Need to keep a closer eye on where your children are and what they are doing?  You can choose one of several products available in this market to accomplish this goal.  What you will find are varying degrees of usability and features as well as pricing.  Is it worth it?  Only you can be the judge.

GPS Tracking Systems for Products. Professional businesses offer these systems to help secure cargo and product shipments to their destination.  Pricing varies by company, but the bottom line is that if you handle expensive and highly sought out products by thieves it can save many hours of frustration and ruined customer relationships.  These are best used with other GPS tracking methods by the shipping industry to help insure that your business runs like it needs to – safely and theft-free.

GPS Tracking for the Banking Industry. Devices are being used and installed into bank bags which allow police to track bank robbers before they even realize that they are being tracked.  More of these devices are being used every day.

GPS Tracking for the Auto Industry. Small devices are installed into vehicles by owners to help track and monitor teen drivers.   If your car is stolen, the vehicle can be recovered quickly and located by you with limited police involvement.  Also, some auto dealers that finance their own vehicles are using them to locate customers who stop making payments on their cars and trucks.

These small devices can be hidden most anywhere.  If you have something valuable that would devastate you if lost, stolen or damaged, now may be the perfect time to invest in a GPS tracking device.

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