Have you ever misplaced money? Have you lost that $10 that you thought sure you had placed in your wallet or purse? Have you had money stolen from you whether or not you were aware of it?


Following Money with GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is an effective and efficient means of locating lost or stolen people, animals, goods, or money. It is different from GPS navigation commonly found in motor vehicles. A GPS tracking device may be placed on a person or item, allowing you to find that person or item. A GPS (global positioning system) tracking device works together with one of twenty-four satellites located above the earth to pinpoint and locate a person or item in real-time and track their movements. Once the signal is sent to the GPS-enabled tracking device (e.g., navigation system), that person knows the precise location of his/her asset.

You may have recently heard about how GPS tracking allowed police to capture two bank robbers who stole cash from the Bank of North Georgia. Police did not know the suspects and had conflicting reports regarding the getaway vehicle. Eyewitnesses told Hiram police that the suspects fled in a black SUV. Using a strategically-placed GPS tracking device in the stolen money, police followed the money to an Atlanta townhouse complex. The money did not move at that point. Hiram and Atlanta police moved in on the townhouse and located and arrested 23-year old Vernon Keith McDougal and 39-year old Jemal D. Coleman. Police were skeptical because a gold Nissan (not a black SUV) was parked outside. But police arrested the two thieves and placed them in the Paulding County jail.

In this particular case, the GPS tracking device placed inside the money by a brave and courageous teller established a signal with one of the satellites located outside the earth. These satellites cover most areas around the world. These twenty-four satellites are arranged so that four are placed within each of the six orbital planes of the earth. Once Hiram and Atlanta police took out their GPS-enabled devices (e.g., laptop computer, cell phone, etc.) and started receiving signals on their map, the police could track the movement of the money and trace it to the Atlanta townhouse in which they located and arrested the suspects. A GPS tracking device is the best answer for locating lost or stolen people, money, animals, and goods.

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