AT&T’s new FamilyMap program is useful for more than just keeping track of children. Although they might not advertise it as such, the FamilyMap program is a great way to track a cheating spouse. For $10 a month, AT&T’s program is available to track the whereabouts of anyone on your family plan in real-time.

Spouse Tracking & GPS

Spouse Tracking & GPS

However, AT&T’s FamilyMap program was not intended to be used as a spouse tracking program and so it sends a monthly text message to each tracked phone to notify the owner of the program’s use. In order to effectively use FamilyMap as a spouse tracker, you would have to intercept and delete these monthly messages to keep your spouse clueless. If you were able to delete the initial message, you could track your spouse for an entire month before they would ever find out about it.

Unfortunately, tracking a cheating spouse using a cell phone program is not as effective as using a real-time vehicle tracking device. Cell phone tracking systems are not as accurate or reliable as traditional GPS tracking systems, because they rely on the batteries and signals of cell phones, neither of which can be considered reliable. This is why many people prefer to do their spouse tracking through a tracking device on their spouse’s car. The devices work in similar ways. Although cell phones may track the spouse through more of the day, both devices can easily be left at work or in another safe location if the spouse begins to suspect something.

Spouse tracking has been made much easier by today’s technology, but it is also necessary to use more of today’s technology to make sure that all forms of cheating are exposed. These days, a lot of infidelity takes place (or at least starts) on the internet. If you use a computer program to discover that your spouse is cheating on the internet, you can easily put that together with information from a spouse tracking device and have all the information that you would need to take legal action against your cheating spouse.

Although people hope that their spouse is not cheating on them, for many it is important to know the truth. Spouse tracking systems like AT&T’s FamilyMap program can make this process as simple and pain-free as possible. And when compared with the cost of a private investigator, using real-time GPS tracking, whether in the form of the Family Map program or a vehicle tracking system, can save you a bundle of money and get you the same results.

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