The FBI’s statistics claim that a car is stolen every 33 seconds. With 1 in 210 vehicles being stolen, US citizens experienced a loss of $6.4 billion from stolen automobiles in 2008. For most people, the idea that their car would be the 1 in 210 that is stolen is never considered, much less planned for. Some people don’t think to lock their cars or take any sort of anti-theft precautions, which may mean that they will find themselves without a car and with the expense of purchasing a new vehicle should their stolen one not be recovered.

GPS Tracking & Auto Theft

And unfortunately, recovery rates aren’t high. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, only 63% of stolen cars are recovered. For one man in California, his car was the 1 in 210 stolen, but it was also one of the recovered vehicles because he installed a GPS tracking device in his car. When his truck was stolen from his workplace, the man was able to use live tracking to find his vehicle and locate the address where it stopped. Once the owner alerted police, they were able to arrest the thief and recover the vehicle, undamaged, within a few hours of the theft.

A GPS tracking device in a vehicle can help individuals as well as companies. For instance, one company had over $300,000 worth of vehicles stolen, but were able to recover them within an hour because of GPS tracking. Since the devices were small and easily hidden, the thieves were unable to find and disable them before police instead located the stolen vehicles and the thieves. Another company found that robberies of its vehicles decreased 50% because of the use of GPS tracking units.

For many people, their vehicle is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity and may even provide their livelihood should their job depend on transportation. A GPS tracking device, though, can protect the vehicle by either constantly monitoring the vehicle’s location or, for no monthly charge, only being activated when the vehicle is stolen.

If your car is stolen, chances are high you will never see it again. By the time you realize it’s gone and call the police, it may already be in a chop shop being dismantled. A GPS tracking device will help save your car – and your money, time, convenience, and peace of mind – by keeping track of your car at all times and helping you recover it as quickly as possible if it is stolen.

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