Recovering stolen automobiles has long been a problem for law enforcement departments. Car thieves have become experts at obscuring the identity of a given vehicle, making it nearly impossible to identify the car with certainty if it has been in the thief’s possession for any length of time. But when owners equip their cars with GPS vehicle tracking, police have much better odds of recovering not only the stolen vehicle, but many times the car thief as well.

A GPS vehicle tracking unit can be easily concealed inside your car. Current models are small enough to GPS Vehicle Tracking & Thievesbeplaced discreetly, unlike older units which were bulky and easily detected. If someone steals your car, you simply log on to your computer and you can see immediately where the car is, which direction its traveling, and how fast it’s going. This information allows the police to find and identify the car quickly, even if the thief has already removed identifying characteristics such as the license plate and VIN number.

GPS vehicle tracking has proved to be so successful in stopping car theft that many departments have begun using “bait cars” to attract would-be thieves in an effort to stop car theft rings. The decoy cars are chosen based on their potential to attract the attention of a typical car thief and sometimes have valuables in plain sight. Once the thief takes the bait, the police can nab him immediately. Many of the cars are also equipped with technology that allows them to be turned off remotely, so that once police have the car in sight, they can kill the engine, making the arrest easier. Audio and video surveillance is typically used as well, which has provided invaluable insight into the actions and intentions of suspects.

Law enforcement departments have reported great success with the GPS vehicle tracking programs and have begun using the devices to monitor high theft areas and large events such as car shows or motorcycle rallies where theft is more common. The devices have saved departments significantly in terms of resources and manpower, allowing them to accomplish more and to increase effectiveness even on a tight budget.

Car owners who equip their vehicles with GPS tracking have taken the single most effective step in keep their cars safe. While locks and alarms can sometimes prove to be deterrents, experienced thieves know how to get around them. GPS tracking puts you as the owner in control of your car and gives you peace of mind that your valuable assets are protected.

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