By Harriette HalepisFinding a lobster trap in the middle of a stormy and foggy ocean is a lot like searching for that proverbial need in a haystack – nearly impossible. Lobster fisherman used to rely upon sounding equipment and flashlights in order to find traps placed in the middle of the ocean.

lobsterfishingToday’s modern fisherman is just a bit different. Now that GPS tracking exists, finding lobster traps is a lot easier than it used to be. With the help of a sophisticated, water-proof, GPS tracker, Maine lobster fisherman Chris Hole has found a way to spot traps that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Hole’s GPS tracker easily points him in the direction of the lobster traps that he’s looking for. Once his GPS tracker begins to flash, he knows that a trap can’t be too far away. This new way of searching for lobster traps is “a God-send (” to him.

Gone are the days when Hole (and his fellow fishermen) was forced to lose out on money thanks to traps that couldn’t be found. Now, GPS tracking is here to stay, and it proves to be a great way to find lobsters even when the sea is stormy.
Maine lobster fishermen aren’t the only ones using GPS tracking to seek out and find lobster traps. As it turns out, lobster fishermen in Mexico are also beginning to realize how valuable a GPS tracking system can truly be.

While the cost of installing a water-proof tracking system is high (around $4000), those lobster fishermen that use trackers believe that the device pays for itself. How do sensitive GPS trackers hold up on the high seas?

As Hole puts it “…it’s been covered in salt water and mud for months and it still hasn’t failed me (” Will all of this new technology mean that the price of lobsters will soon decrease? While a lobster price deduction isn’t likely, struggling fishermen are far more likely to cash in on a full catch.

There are many uses for GPS tracking systems, and new uses are popping up every day. From protecting children to finding crustaceans in the middle of the ocean, GPS technology has come a long way from simply providing navigational advice. For many Maine and Mexican lobster fishermen, GPS tracking is the wave of the future within the fishing industry.

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