As GPS technology has expanded in the last several years, the paranoia of being tracked with a GPS tracking device has expanded as well. Many people are afraid that their rights are being infringed upon or that they are being tracked illegally. Because of this fear, devices have been created that will interfere with the GPS tracking device.

A GPS tracking blocker can be a good thing. For those who are afraid that someone will invade their privacy and attempt to monitor their whereabouts with a GPS tracking device, a GPS tracking blocker can be helpful. These blockers look like small radio receivers or walkie-talkies because of the antenna that sticks out of the top of the device. These systems scramble any signals from GPS devices that come within a certain distance, usually 6-10 feet. These blockers work to cut the GPS tracking device off from the satellite systems that they send signals to. This makes it nearly impossible to track you or to even find your current location.

While GPS tracking blockers can be helpful for those who feel that they are being tracked illegally, these blockers can make life difficult for those who are trying to use trackers legally. For instance, employers will find it very frustrating when they cannot see where one of their company vehicles has been throughout the day because the employee chose to block the signal that day. The good news is that these blockers do not attempt to throw off the signal. Because it simply blocks the GPS tracking device, the blocker cannot conceal itself from discovery. Employers whose employees have tampered with the GPS tracking will be well aware of the fact and will be able to discuss it with them and reach a solution.

Parents may also find that a GPS tracking blocker is being used by their teenage driver. Although you may not know exactly where your teen went that day, you know that your child was trying to hide something from you and this knowledge will open the door for you to sit down and discuss it with them. They may have been trying to hide a particular place that they went that day or they might have just gotten tired of being monitored because it makes them feel that you do not trust them. After telling your teenager why you want to track them, they may agree to stop blocking the device’s signal.

GPS tracking can be very helpful, but since it can also be blocked fairly easily, it is important to discuss your reasons for using a tracking system with the people you will be tracking. Having their cooperation will make things a whole lot simpler and guarantee that you will not have to deal with your tracker’s signal being blocked.

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