The whole world of using GPS devices for consumer use has opened up possibilities that heretofore were not available. Like other areas of technology advancements GPS systems are here to stay and have made lives better.


In GPS Tracking, there are two different approaches: GPS Navigation and GPS Tracking. Both make use of data sent and received via satellites that orbit our earth, but are packaged in two different ways.

GPS Navigation features and benefits. The addition of on-board GPS Navigation systems has aided drivers of vehicles in several ways. Factory installed units provide not only navigational support, but also can monitor critical vehicle systems and report when there are problems. This is useful for monitoring the drive train for needed mechanical repairs. Also, these systems monitor the supplemental restraint systems in detecting an accident. This puts the driver in instant contact with a live operator who can dispatch emergency personnel as needed. Other features of GPS Navigation systems include the ability to locate addresses with directions to the intended destination. This is the feature of the after-market units.

GPS Tracking features and benefits. GPS Tracking devices have a different purpose and set of features. The overall philosophy is in providing location, direction and speed data. This data can be obtained in real-time models or in those that are passive and are collecting data over a period of time which is then downloaded for review later. GPS Tracking devices are useful for businesses that employ a fleet of vehicles. These include delivery operations, public transportation and other applications where multiple vehicles perform in a similar way. Also, these devices can be used for providing data for reporting on the way vehicles are used.

Limitations. GPS Navigation systems are not designed to provide an historical record of driving habits or events. GPS Tracking devices do not provide for voice transmissions through the system.

Applications. Passenger cars are the primary target of GPS Navigation systems and their uses. GPS Tracking offers details that can be used mainly in business applications or in personal tracking situations.

Both GPS Navigation and GPS Tracking have their primary uses and are good at the tasks for which they are designed. Your own needs will dictate the system that you purchase and use. However, one thing is clear: GPS Navigation and Tracking is here to stay. Make use of them to your advantage today.

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