So you’re interested in GPS tracking devices. Where do you start? What kind of system do you want? You are instantly overwhelmed with the choice between passive and active tracking devices. They are basically the same device, but their purposes are much different. Passive and active tracking devices collect data the same way. And they are also equally accurate. Let’s take a look at some distinguishing characteristics.



The main difference between the two types of trackers is time. Active trackers are also called “real-time” trackers because it shows you instantly where the vehicle is located. You can actually watch the vehicles movements on the computer. This makes active tracking the best choice for businesses interested in improving the efficiency of their deliveries and monitoring their employees. An active tracker also has geo-fence abilities, alerting you when the vehicle enters or exits a predetermined location. These kinds of systems can also help prevent theft and recover stolen vehicles. Because of all of these advantages, the active GPS tracking devices are more expensive than passive ones and also require a monthly service fee which can be anywhere from $20 to $60 a month.

Passive trackers, on the other hand, store the information on the device. The tracker must be removed from the vehicle and plugged into the computer in order to view the information. These systems are good for people tracking their mileage for work purposes as well as businesses interested in reducing the misuse of their vehicles. They could check the trackers on a monthly basis and compile reports on each employee using this information.

Because passive tracking devices are much smaller and easier to conceal, these devices are most often chosen for monitoring spouses. Passive devices also have a limited memory span because they store the information on the device instead of transmitting it to a server as the active devices do. However, passive tracking devices are much easier on the wallet. For about a third of the price of an active GPS tracker, you can have the same accurate readings in a passive tracker. As long as you do not need immediate feedback and plan to regularly check the device, passive GPS tracking devices are probably perfect for you.

GPS tracking devices are not all created equal. There is a specific device that best fits your need. After you make the decision between active and passive trackers, your GPS shopping will be much simpler.

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