Auto Recovery

Fact: A Vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds in the US.

There is a simple low cost way to protect your vehicle or equipment.



Facts about auto theft in the US

Car Security

Most car security systems have flaws that a determined thief can overcome.
Alarms do not draw attention the way they used to. Most people are just annoyed by them.
Nearly Half of Vehicles stolen are never recovered, and of those recovered most are damaged or destroyed.
There were over 1.2 million vehicles stolen last year in the US with an estimated value of over 7.6 billion.

Make Your Equipment or Vehicle virtually theft proof!


A GPS auto recovery system can give the location of you vehicle instantly allowing you to recover it.
GPS Systems for theft tracking and theft recovery can lower your insurance costs.
If you chose a proper GPS anti theft tracking system it will still give you a location even if the thief cuts the battery cable.
Depending on the type GPS car anti theft system purchased, you can track your vehicle on a regular basis improving efficiency and monitoring driving habit or you can purchase an on demand system that only tells you the location when you need it.

Featured Product Overview

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Vehicle Recovery Statistics You Can’t Ignore

A vehicle is stolen within the United States every 24.6 seconds. Millions of dollars worth of industrial equipment is taken every day. Equipment and vehicle recovery is rare in most parts of the world. Installing GPS tracking devices on every piece of equipment within a fleet or inside of your personal vehicle is your only defense against a vehicle that’s lost for good.

Five Vehicles Thieves Can’t Get Enough Of

Some vehicles attract thieves more than others. Cars and trucks that aren’t equipped with GPS tracking devices are easy targets for car thieves. Owning any of the following vehicles means an almost certain brush with a car thief.

  • Chevrolet Tahoe: 5.8 of every 1,000 cars stolen is a Tahoe
  • Hummer H2: 6.3 of every 1,000 cars stolen is a Hummer H2
  • Nissan Maxima: 6.5 of every 1,000 cars stolen is a Nissan Maxima
  • GMC Sierra Crew Cab: 6.7 of every 1,000 cars stolen is a Sierra Crew Cab
  • GMC Yukon XL: 6 of every 1,000 cars stolen is a GMC Yukon XL

Once stolen, these vehicles are hardly ever recovered. Vehicle recovery statistics are much higher when vehicles have been equipped with GPS tracking devices.

States that top the Equipment Recovery Loss List

Industrial equipment is not immune to theft. Unfortunately, equipment vehicle recovery in some states is next to impossible. The following states are at the top of the yearly equipment theft list.

  • Texas: 1000+
  • Florida: 1000 +
  • North Carolina: 1000+
  • Georgia: 700+
  • South Carolina: 600+

While still prevalent, vehicle recovery rates in these states are on the rise due to the installation of thousands of GPS tracking devices. Adding a Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS device to every piece of equipment in your fleet will increase your vehicle recovery odds dramatically.

Repossession Vehicle Recovery

Repossession experts can take days, weeks, and even months to recover a vehicle. A GPS tracker can find and locate a stolen vehicle within minutes. Your chances at vehicle recovery greatly improve with a GPS tracking device. Many Rocky Mountain Tracking devices also include engine interruption capabilities. GPS tracking devices work when repossession vehicle recovery doesn’t.