Car Dealerships and Buy Here Pay Here Dealers


No Monthly Fees

  • Activate Online or by Phone When Needed
  • Easy Two-Wire Install
  • Standard Internal Back-Up Battery
  • Alert on Disconnect (when activated)
  • Geofence Alerts by Text or Email (when activated)
  • Low Cost Commercial Hardware and Locates
  • Optional Starter Interrupter

The Smart Tracker Elite is the leading GPS tracking device on the market today. Protect your new verhicle sale or financed transactions by installing the Smart Tracker Elite by RMT.

Our mapping software lets you locate your car through online software. Our GPS anti-theft system is in high demand by car dealers. Don’t rely on companies that use outdated technology and require a third party to recover your vehicle.

You can instantly locate and recover your vehicles with our anti-theft devices.

Smart Tracker Elite is the best auto theft device on the market.


For Dealer’s Protection

Fleet GPS Tracking in Financed Cars
Under BHPH Status

With the state of our economy, there are now between 70 million and 87.5 million people in the United States with a credit score below 650. This means there are extra risks in financing. Those risks can be reduced by using a Smart Tracker GPS tracker. When coupled with an activation you also get the capability of alerting on discounnect in case the device is attempted to be removed – you’ll know when it happened, you’ll get an alerts and you’ll know where it happened.

Why not protect your Dealership assets by installing RMT’s GPS device, the Smart Tracker Elite, into vehicles sold by your dealership? You can simply locate the vehicle from your computer and recover it.

Let Rocky Mountain Tracking take care of the worry and install our GPS auto theft devices in all of your BHPH vehicles today.

We offer special pricing exclusively for auto dealers. If you own a new or used car dealership, join our Smart Tracker Elite program today.

For Customer Vehicles

Personal GPS Tracking Device
Sold and Installed by Dealership

Your customer is buying a new or used vehicle, and although they can picture themselves driving and enjoying their new purchase, auto theft is always a concern. If your dealership is not currently selling anti-theft devices when you close the sale, it should be because your competition is selling these systems. Vehicle security is always a concern of every customer, so take advantage of this opportunity to make additional revenue.

Rocky Mountain Tracking’s Smart Tracker Elite Device is the answer you seek for your customer and for you – the trusted Dealership – as a unique closing tool.

The Smart Tracker Elite has a simple 2-wire install that your own technicians can handle. A simple tracking and anti theft device proven in the marketplace will give your customer the peace of mind they seek for protecting their new expensive asset. There are no monthly service fees.

Generate Extra Revenue for Your Dealership

Rocky Mountain Tracking will supply you with brochures to set up in your dealership. You can establish your own price with room for your set margin. Call us for more information.

protost4dealer_060Smart Tracker Elite is proven, reliable and backed by
the leader in GPS tracking devices
– Rocky Mountain Tracking. Buy the best!


Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships are becoming more and more popular today. If you own a car dealership and finance cars to people with low credit, you’re giving those people the opportunity to help build up their credit once again, and that’s a good thing! But, you’re also taking a risk by selling cars that you own (until they are paid off) to people that have had trouble in the past with payments. What can you do to protect those expensive investments? The easiest thing to do is install a GPS tracking device.

Installing GPS Trackers

Placing GPS tracking devices in your cars is the fastest and quickest way to locate a car once someone is behind payment your set amount of time. If they are not responding to your attempts to collect your payment you can quickly activate the Smart Traker (unless it is already activated) and you will see the exact location of the car you are trying to find with the address. You can see this information both on your computer, smart phone or other mobile device. From there you can have someone speak to the client about past due charges or pick up your car.

The Costs

If you have hundreds of cars on your lot, you may be thinking that installing GPS trackers on all of those cars will cost too much – we get it! That’s why we’ve developed the Smart Tracker Program, which is exclusive to Rocky Mountain Tracking auto dealer clients. With this program, we can offer you the lowest rates possible on GPS tracking options for your entire fleet.

Make Money Through the Smart Tracker Program

The Smart Tracker GPS device can be quickly installed by your own employees. By offering this device to your clients, you can give them peace of mind, and install the GPS tracker for them. RMT lets you hand out brochures to clients and set your own prices on Smart Trackers. When a client buys a new car, there’s no better offer that you can give that client than to provide the option of a GPS tracker to protect the new investment.

For more information on our new Car Dealership program please fill out the form below and let us introduce you to our GPS anti theft devices for cars, trucks, vans, or any type of vehicle. Special Dealer pricing and support applies. No time to lose? Want to get started? Just call us right now at 907-207-1023.


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