Founded in 2003, Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) is a leading provider of location-based tracking for various applications, including vehicles, people, and assets. We are based in Fort Collins, Colorado, but more than 50,000 of our products and service are utilized around the world. We employ experts who have more than 30 years of experience to develop, maintain, and continuously upgrade what we believe is the best tracking software solutions.

Rocky Mountain Tracking operates NavIQ, a robust, yet economical tracking software developed by Locatient, a Rocky Mountain Tracking company. This software is the foundation for our first-rate GPS tracking solution.

At RMT, our team has special expertise in moving automobile tracking system information wirelessly – across town or around the world – using WiFi, cellular and satellite packet data services over 802.11x, GSM, CDMA, GeoSync Satellite and Low Earth Orbit Satellite services. Our mapping expertise extends to GIS systems such as ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo/MapX and to consumer oriented mapping products such as Microsoft MapPoint. We bring these skills together by developing end-user applications for Web based software – using development tools for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Although we could integrate almost any device with our software, we’re very selective about which devices we support. RMT chooses only those devices that meet or exceed the most rigorous GPS standards. RMT’s mission is to provide customers with the best and most affordable tracking systems for their application and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

RMT is committed to providing long-term support and service to its customers and has a team of experienced professionals that strive for excellence in product and service.


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