District of Columbia GPS Tracking Installers

Client Testimonials

“I just wanted to say thanks. I’m glad that I found the Installer Card. I’m even happier that I found RMT. I tried to buy a tracking product before, but I never felt confident about purchasing one. When I called RMT, the sales people were helpful, but they didn’t pressure me. I now have a GPS tracker, peace of mind, and professional installation. Thanks again, RMT.”

– Heather Swanson.

“It’s a small card that gives you access to professional installers – what a great idea! All I really had to do was activate the card and drive to an installer in D.C. My GPS tracker is now running smoothly, and the installation process was quick!”

– Miles G.

Find the closest installers in or near your city:

Annex GPS Tracking Installers

Distance City State
2.3 Washington DC
5.4 Suitland MD
5.7 Capital Heights MD
5.7 Capitol Heights MD
5.9 Stafford VA
6.5 Arlington VA
7.6 Springfield VA
8.4 Hyattsville MD
8.7 Fort Washington MD
9.9 Clinton MD

Booling AFB GPS Tracking Installers

Distance City State
4.1 Stafford VA
4.8 Suitland MD
5.2 Washington DC
5.6 Fort Washington MD
5.7 Arlington VA
6.9 Capital Heights MD
6.9 Capitol Heights MD
7.6 Clinton MD
7.9 Springfield VA
11.5 Hyattsville MD

Fort McNair GPS Tracking Installers

Distance City State
1.9 Washington DC
4.8 Stafford VA
5.1 Arlington VA
6 Springfield VA
6.8 Suitland MD
7.3 Capital Heights MD
7.3 Capitol Heights MD
8.7 Hyattsville MD
9 Fort Washington MD
9.9 Arlington VA

Mount Pleasant GPS Tracking Installers

Distance City State
2.9 Washington DC
4.2 Hyattsville MD
6.3 Silver Spring MD
6.6 Stafford VA
8.1 Springfield VA
8.2 Silver Spring MD
8.2 Capital Heights MD
8.2 Capitol Heights MD
8.8 Arlington VA
9.4 Clarksburg MD

Naval Anacost GPS Tracking Installers

Distance City State
1.8 Washington DC
5.4 Capital Heights MD
5.4 Capitol Height MD
6.2 Suitland MD
6.4 Hyattsville MD
6.9 Stafford VA
7.8 Arlington VA
8.3 Springfield VA
9.8 Silver Spring MD
10.5 Fort Washington MD

Washington GPS Tracking Installers

Distance City State
0 Washington DC
5.1 Stafford VA
6.4 Arlington VA
6.6 Springfield VA
6.8 Hyattsville MD
7.1 Capital Heights MD
7.1 Capitol Heights MD
7.6 Suitland MD
9.2 Silver Spring MD
10.2 Arlington VA

Washington D.C. GPS Tracking Installers

Distance City State
1.5 Washington DC
5.7 Hyattsville MD
6.1 Capital Heights MD
6.1 Capitol Heights MD
6.6 Stafford VA
7.2 Suitland MD
7.9 Arlington VA
8.1 Springfield VA
8.8 Silver Spring MD
10.1 Silver Spring MD

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GPS Installation FAQs

Sometimes you have questions. We like to think that we have the answers to these questions. If you are wondering about something to do with GPS installation, look for a response on this page. If you can’t find what you need, contact our technical support department – we’re here to help!

Q: Why Isn’t My GPS Working?

A: There could be a number of reasons. Usually, a GPS unit may not work after initial installation due to improper placement. Make sure that your GPS is facing upwards, and that it is possible to “see the sky” through the area where you have placed your GPS. If there is any metal directly above the device or antenna, it will obstruct the signal.

Q: What Is A Kick Pad?

A: A kick pad is the plastic part of your car that sits below your feet. Most people literally “kick” this portion of the car. Kick pads are located on both sides of a vehicle.

Q: Why Do I Have to Remove Plastic Coating?

A: Removing the plastic coating from a set of copper wires allows you to make a solid wire connection. Connecting copper wires with another set of wires will ensure optimal power.

Q: Is It Dangerous to Install a GPS Tracker?

A: No. The only way that this process can be dangerous is if your car is not turned off. Make sure to close your vehicle before starting the installation process. It is also wise to work in a dry area.

Q: Do I Need to Buy Any Extra Tools?

A: You can rent a soldering gun from a hardware store. You can purchase star washers, a knife, and electrical tape. These items are needed for installation purposes.

Q: What Happens If I Have a Question That’s Not Listed Here?

A: Our technical support team is here for you! Just give us a call at 888-242-0500

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