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  Silver Cloud Informer Lite Smart Tracker Tracking Key Pro Tracking Key GPS 3100
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Sales:   * Sale * * Sale *   * Sale * * Sale *
Sale Price: $299.00 $295.00 $149.00 $149.00 $169.00 $189.00
Live Tracking: Yes Yes Yes No No No
Passive Tracking: --- --- --- Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Updates: Yes Yes Yes -- -- --
On-demand Updates: Yes Yes Yes No No No
Water Resistant: Optional No No No Yes Yes
Magnet: Optional No No Yes Yes Yes
Online Software: Yes Yes Yes No No No
PC Software: No No No Yes Yes Yes
Antenna: Internal Optional Optional Internal Internal Internal
Built-in Memory: No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motion Detection: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inputs/Outputs: No Yes Yes No No No
Maps: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alerts: Yes Yes Yes No No No
Reports: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Earth: No No No Yes Yes Yes
Google Maps: Yes Yes Yes No No No
Battery Type: Internal
Lithium Ion 1400 mAh
--- --- AA Batteries
(not included)
AAA Batteries
(not included)
AA Batteries
(not included)
External Power: Optional 12 - 32 VDC 12 - 32 VDC Optional None Optional
Service Requirements  
Monthly Service Fee: Yes Yes No No No No
Annual Contract: Yes Yes No No No No

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How to Manage Your Fleet with GPS Tracking

Comparing Features to Choose the Best Global Positioning System to Fit Your Needs:

Many people need to use wireless tracking devices, though they have different reasons for applying the technology to their vehicles. In some cases, real time GPS locators are needed for fleet management or other purposes. Other times, a past track global positioning system would suffice as long as the data can be accessed later to learn where a vehicle has been. How can one go about comparing the different wireless tracking devices to find the best one to fill your needs?

There are different ways to make these comparisons. One of the best is to go to the website belonging to a company that manufactures, sells, or provides monitoring services for GPS locators. Rmtracking.com offers a page that displays several different GPS location devices side by side with the features of each one that pertains to the ways customers want to use the global positioning systems.

One can look at different GPS features such as live, real time tracking vs. past monitoring, power supply, size of the unit, number of times the unit can transmit the updates based on the monthly fee charged, etc. These side by side comparisons make it very easy for a person to look at the features of a tracking device that he/she considers most important and make an informed selection from among a group of wireless GPS devices that is closest to what is needed in his/her particular situation.

Having the ability to make such comparisons is a very handy tool when one is looking for GPS tracking. With the vast number of GPS locators on the market, it is always good to be able to look at individual types of GSM tracking and price per month of monitoring along with the overall cost of the GPS locators themselves when making a decision about which global positioning systems to purchase for their companies or their individual needs.

One of the best tools a person can have at his/her disposal when shopping for a wireless tracking device is the ability to look at different products side by side and select the one that comes closest to having all of the features needed to serve the purpose for which the system is needed. If you need to manage your fleet, keeping up with the driving habits using gps tracking, or any of a number of other uses that GPS technology can be put to. Side by side comparison of the different GPS locators and their features and pricing is an important tool when shopping for your global positioning systems.

Rocky Mountain Tracking offers top of the line GPS devices suitable for real time GPS location of a fleet of vehicles or offline recorded GPS data of teen drivers at a fraction of the prices of comparable GPS locators from other sources.

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